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Rent To Buy Holywell (Rent To Own)

A rent to own agreement (also called Rent To Buy) is a deal in which you commit to renting a property for a specific period of time, with the option of buying it before the lease runs out. Rent-to-own agreements include a standard lease agreement and also an option to buy the property at a later time, at a fixed price
Our product is via a National respected Company called Keyzy, and we are one of the few brokers given access to it.


Rent To Buy Holywell is available now, without a waiting list. This means any freehold property up for sale in an estate agent or similar. It is NOT limited to new build properties like many schemes. Without a deposit.
Please go to our main Rent To Buy Page for more details including FAQ’s

Expert advice is available, without obligation. Contact us now

This scheme is available through ourselves WITHOUT a waiting list,  as a preferred broker we get immediate access. Contact us now via the form at the top of the page, we’ll help you get a decision / budget in principle.

Completing this form authorises us to send your details to Keyzy.


Applicants that use ourselves will be actioned immediately. By all means go look at their website, to look at details, use their calculator etc. But come back here to apply for a decision in principle. As we are a preferred broker you will  be dealt with immediately.

Use the contact form above. We’ll then get the required information from you. Whilst Keyzy charge an arrangement fee, our services are free of charge as we receive a small commission from Keyzy for the work involved in getting the Decision In Principle and the referral.

Available nationwide.

Traditional mortgages inc 95% are available too including for First Time Buyers

We also have access to 100% mortgages, with or without family assistance. Which may be more suitable for you. Contact us to discuss fully.

Holywell is a town in Flintshire, North Wales. While it’s not an extensive urban area, there are several neighborhoods and nearby places that can be considered part of or associated with Holywell. Here are some areas and nearby places in the vicinity of Holywell:

  1. Town Centre: The heart of Holywell, with its historic buildings, shops, and local amenities.

  2. Greenfield: A residential area on the outskirts of Holywell, with a mix of housing types.

  3. Treffynnon: The Welsh name for Holywell, often used interchangeably with the English name.

  4. Brynford: A village located to the northeast of Holywell, known for its scenic countryside.

  5. Pen-y-Maes: A residential area on the eastern side of Holywell.

  6. Milwr: A small village situated to the south of Holywell.

  7. Whitford: A village located to the northwest of Holywell, known for its historic church.

  8. Greenfield Valley: A local nature reserve and heritage park with trails and historic sites.

  9. Lloc: A village to the south of Holywell, historically known for its coal mining heritage.

  10. Bagillt: A nearby village located to the east of Holywell, with its own amenities and community.

Please note that Holywell is a relatively small town, and some of the areas mentioned might be smaller neighborhoods or nearby settlements. The town itself is known for St. Winefride’s Well, a famous pilgrimage site, and its historical significance. If you’re looking for specific information about neighborhoods within Holywell, it might be helpful to consult a local map or community resources for more detailed insights.