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Free Credit Reports 

Every single applicant for a mortgage will be subject to a review of their credit file by a lender. We can provide free credit reports, so that the applicant and ourselves can assess the most appropriate mortgage before applying.

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Different lenders use different credit file companies. Some use Experian, some use Equifax. Others use TransUnion. Some use 2 or all of them.

We have teamed up with CheckMyFile, who will assess all 3 companies in one report. This is free for 30 days with easy cancellation. (£14.99 per month if not cancelled)

Check your file here

Check your Credit History as reported to Equifax, Experian & TransUnion.

Look for differences in what’s been reported.

See the types of credit reported from your electric bill to your mortgage.

View up to 6 years’ history of your repayment performance.

See when accounts are opened in your name, when you close accounts, if you miss a payment, if you enter arrears or if your lender records a default against you.

These key events can make a material difference to your checkmyfile Credit Score, which otherwise varies very slightly month by month, so keeping an eye on them makes it easy to identify a problem before you apply for credit.

Check for Credit Application searches at Equifax, Experian and TransUnion – see how often lenders check with at least 3 Credit Reference Agencies when you apply for credit – see the bigger picture, as lenders often do, by checking data at multiple agencies.

Check your file here